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Into the Wild and Gather Greene

Into the Wild and Gather Greene

Into the Wild Event | Gather Greene A beautiful gathering of food and design by Heirloom Fire and Magdalena Events. This magical event happened at Gather Greene a new venue nestled in the countryside of New York. Stetson USA brought all the style and fabulous hats! (function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-5d583c6902de8{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery);(function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-5d583c69041eb{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery); (function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-5d583c690de34{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery); (function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-5d583c690ed36{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery);
Bloom Meadows Wedding<br>Sadie and Tyler

Bloom Meadows Wedding
Sadie and Tyler

Sadie & Tyler | Bloom Meadows Wedding (function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-5d583c6911465{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery);(function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-5d583c691203d{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery); (function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-5d583c691d9e3{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery);
Stonover Farm Wedding<br>Hallie and Adam

Stonover Farm Wedding
Hallie and Adam

Hallie & Adam | Stonover Farm Stonover Farm is one of the most beautiful venues in the Berkshires for a wedding. Combined with it's historic barn and weeping willows, Stonover is one of my favorites. All that were involved to make this wedding get featured on Carats and Cake  were, Mezze Catering, Carolyn Valenti Flowers, [...]
Camp WaWa Segowea<br>Jordan and Andrew

Camp WaWa Segowea
Jordan and Andrew

Jordan & Andrew | Camp WaWa Segowea Andrew and Jordan had a magical wedding at Camp WaWa Segowea in Southfield, MA. They grew their own flowers and made their own canoe for their private ceremony. Food was buy Fire Roasted and flowers by Adagio Farm in Stockbridge, MA. Thank you to Emma for her support [...]
Hudson Valley Wedding<br>Ellen and Chuck

Hudson Valley Wedding
Ellen and Chuck

Ellen & Chuck | Hudson Valley Wedding Ellen and Chuck chose to have their wedding right outside of the city, surrounded by the fall foliage and closest friends and family in the Hudson Valley. They couldn't have asked for a more perfect day as the weather was incredible and the light was so magical. They [...]
Racebrook Lodge Wedding<br>Katie and Mike

Racebrook Lodge Wedding
Katie and Mike

Katie & Mike | Racebrook Lodge Wedding A fall Racebrook Lodge wedding with Magdalena Events and flowers by Tiny Hearts Farm. (function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-5d583c696655f{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery);(function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-5d583c6967c5f{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery);
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I choose you.


I feel like Elaina got “us” right away and the vibe that we wanted captured at our wedding. The photos she took were so beautiful, and they really show the essence of our day. The coloring and light is absolutely gorgeous, and she got so many great shots of us, our family, and friends. I would absolutely recommend Elaina for your wedding or engagement photos.

- Katie

Elaina’s work is true art! It invokes real emotion and makes me cry tears of joy every time I look through our photos!

- Ashley

When looking at Elaina’s portfolio, we knew she would be the perfect fit. Iceland being a beautiful landscape also has its challenges- grey skies, wind and rain but this did not stop Elaina from taking some of the most warm and beautiful photographs I’ve ever seen!

- Elle
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        • Ariane and Jonathan 🥰 
Events @magdalena_events 
Food @heirloomfire 
Tent and tableware @classicaltents 
Flowers @nectarandroot 
Second photographer @colleen.macmillan
        • Sparkler exits for the win! #intheberkshires

        • Tomorrow Into the Deep with @heirloomfire and @magdalena_events ! This was from the last event Into the Wild @ #gathergreene can’t wait to see what has been created.
        • When the bride and groom sneak away for sunset photo during cocktail hour! How gorgeous are they!!!! Congratulations to Alexis and Eric, you both are magical! @lexipeachy 
To an incredible team:  @magdalena_events @carolynvalentiflowers @heirloomfire @classicaltents @beautyandtheberkshires and big thank you to @meghaley for second shooting and assisting! ❤️
        • See you soon @lexipeachy !! @magdalena_events @heirloomfire @carolynvalentiflowers
        • Just casually sitting at the dining room table about to get married. I felt like I was in a movie at this wedding. Congratulations to @arockoff and Jonathan! 
Event planner @magdalena_events 
Food @heirloomfire 
Flowers @nectarandroot
        Elaina Mortali Western Massachusetts Wedding and Lifestlye photographer