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Hi, I’m Elaina!

A bit about me… So where do I start? On most days I’m still trying to figure out exactly who Elaina is so to sit down and write about me doesn’t come easy! Also, clearly I’m not a writer…I’m a photographer, a mother of 3, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter. I fell in love with the style of documentary photography years ago – I want to capture it all…the messy moments of life, the tears and laugher, the dirt on the floor and peeling paint, golden light and the scent of a new born, the first kiss, the last dance – lets keep it real. Also I love to travel and if I could make a recommendation, I would say Iceland might be hands down the most amazing place to elope – oh and take me (hint..hint)!! So if your still with me, hit me up to see if we are a fit! Coffee is on me.

Elaina Mortali Western Massachusetts Wedding and Lifestlye photographer